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BioPartner UK is the accredited trade organisation providing practical support and increased visibility to UK Life Sciences companies, who wish to internationalise. BioPartner is an independent, not-for-profit company funded by membership fees and projects. Company membership costs £500+VAT (£400 startups).
Mission statement: To assist UK Life Science companies in their aims to internationalise, providing practical support through partnerships with Government and industry expertise, and cost savings through network alliances and bulk purchasing.
What we do:
1. Promote UK Life Sciences abroad by creating a strong presence at international conferences
  • online and printed directories
  • UK Pavilions at key conferences
  • group identity
2. Reduce international conference attendance costs
  • discounts and delegation packages
  • freight and accommodation savings
  • admin and accounts staff time reduced
3. Create the right environment for successful business/deal making
  • central source of information and logistics, itinerary service
  • international community of global contacts and referrals
  • partner matching service
  • that little bit extra: reassurance, safe journey, disaster recovery
Once you have registered, you will receive an invoice (if you didn't pay online), and  you will be treated as a member of the BioPartner Programme (BPP) when payment is received; a package of cost savings and benefits for UK Life Sciences companies doing business at international partnering events. Membership is available to all UK organisations at any stage of their internationalisation process, and to overseas companies raising their profile or considering locating in the UK. The annual cost is £500+VAT (£400 startups) and you can wait for our invoice, or pay online here - the price shown includes
1. General Ltd is a company limited by guarantee, operating as a non-profit trade organisation. It is accredited by the UK government to provide services to support the UK Life Sciences industry, and is based in the United Kingdom (UK).
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